coconut sambal served

5 Not so Spicy Sambals to Make at Home

Welcome back to another review post, today about 5 not so spicy sambals! I’ve been recapping all the sambals I ever made, and want to summarize what’s been going on. Let’s get to it!

Milder sambals are usually consist of fresh fruits and vegetables rather than only using chillies. The spicy flavors are diluted with other ingredients!

I’ve been making a lot of different sambals over the past years so I might miss some sambals that deserve a spot on this list, I will try to keep updating it as time progresses! Also, I’d like to emphasize this list is in random order, the #1 and #5 on this list are not in any way better than the other.

I talked about the definition of sambal and what makes it spicy many times before. Check out my other posts in the links if you want to read up about that!

1. Coconut Sambal

I love this sweet sambal and so should you! I made the recipe more sweet to mimic a pancake filling I frequently ate in Sri Lanka, where this recipe originates from. It is in no way spicy so definitely check it out! For a more spicy version, check out my sambal serundeng recipe!

Find the full recipe here.

coconut sambal served

2. Sambal Santan

Here’s another great tasting sambal that is mild in flavor. It uses a lot of shrimps and coconut milk so it really becomes like a curry. I really love this recipe to just top rice with, it’s a super easy dish. Try it out now!

Find the full recipe here.

sambal santan

3. Sambal Goreng Kentang

This sambal uses potato chips as it’s main ingredient, amazing! It’s fried potato in a spice mix which makes this sambal super rich in taste. I’d highly recommend it if you’re into a less spicy, crunchy sambal.

Find the full recipe here.

sambal goreng kentang

4. Sambal Timun

This is a super easy sambal! It only uses 2 ingredients and is very fresh in taste. The main ingredients used is cucumber (with a little bit of chili), giving it this amazing fresh and a little bit spicy flavors. Reduce the amount of chili if the heat gets too much. I’d still consider this sambal as definitely mild enough to go on this list. Check it out!

Find the full recipe here.

sambal timun

5. Sambal Mangga

Mango sambal! This sambal uses mango which in my opinion is enough reason to try it! It’s a very nice and fresh taste and not too spicy. Again, reduce the amount of chili to have an even milder sambal. If you’re into mango, try it out!

Find the full recipe here.

sambal mangga

That’s it! I hope you enjoy these sambals as much as I did, let me know in the comments below what you think!

Some sambals that quite didn’t make the list, but can still be quite mild:

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