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The Top 5 Most Amazing Sambal Recipes

Welcome back again with another review post on the most amazing sambal recipes found on this site! I will be giving you a top 5 list of my personal & reader favorites.

The best sambal recipes consist of a perfect balance of flavors. Including spicy, sweet, sour, umami, you name it! The right balance is needed for the sambal not to feel too overwhelming in certain flavors.

It has been a few years of making sambal and perfecting recipes and over 50 recipes I’ve written down so far on this site. It’s the first time going over all of them and trying to get top 5 list but mind you, it will not be anywhere near from definite. I will keep updating the list as the site progresses. Let’s get started!

1. Sambal Kacang

It’s hard to pick an all-time favorite, however sambal kacang must be my most favorite as I’ve been eating this all of my life and I love it! This is a sweet sambal that can be made a bit spicy but usually isn’t very spicy. It’s very popular here in the Netherlands and usually referred to as “sat├ęsaus”. Very popular over fries or other deep-fried snacks.

Check out the full recipe here.

sambal kacang

2. Sambal Lado Mudo

I remember first eating this sambal and absolutely loving it. The ikan teri (dried anchovies) used with the green chillies really make a perfect balance between spicy and umami flavors. It’s not too spicy which can easily happen when working with a high percentage of chillies compared to other ingredients.

Definitely try this one out if you’re looking for the best sambal recipe that has some spicy flavors to it! Check out the full recipe here.

sambal lado mudo

3. Sambal Cuka

Another great flavor balance! This time it’s a sweet and sour flavor with a little bit of spicy. Amazing to try and really easy to make! Sambal cuka goes great with many dishes but I’d highly recommend it on a sandwich with a slice of great cheese. I cannot wait to make this recipe again now that I’m writing about it!

Check out the full recipe here.

sambal cuka

4. Sambal Geledek

Another one of my personal favorites, sambal geledek uses madame jeanette chillies to create a spicy but very flavorful dish! You’ll have to be careful preparing and eating this recipe as it can be very spicy for some. Try it out with a great rice dish like nasi goreng cina or nasi kuning and be amazed by what this sambal can do!

Try out the full recipe here.

served sambal geledek

5. Sambal Badjak

I just can’t leave this sambal out of this list. This is another very popular sambal here in the Netherlands and a recipe I’ve been eating for all of my life. It’s a very simple recipe that uses common ingredients, it acted to me as the stepping stone to discovering the amazing world of sambals.

It’s a very flexible sambal, can be combined with any dish you’d like. Check it out here!

That’s already it for this top 5 list of most amazing sambal recipes! I wouldn’t expect it to be this hard as I love so many sambal recipes! For that reason please don’t expect this list to be a definite one.

It also strongly depends on what mood you are in and what food you’ll combine the recipe with. I have recommendations of recipes at the bottom of each recipe so be sure to check that out as well!

I hope you’ll find the perfect sambal recipe that fits your needs, let me know in the comments below what it is and if you need more inspiration, check out the sambal recipes that just didn’t fit the list:

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