Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Damian and I’ve been cooking for many years now, especially creating sambals and other spicy dishes, using a lot of different spices (mostly dried), to craft great food.

I started writing down the recipes of these sambals for all to enjoy as I’ve gotten many great comments on my crafts! I hope you find my recipes as enjoyable as most people. Try them out now and please let me know your thoughts!

To tell you a little more about myself: I live in the Netherlands with my roots originating from Indonesia, the world capital of sambal. I’ve been eating sambal for as long as I can remember (and so should you!). My recipes are highly inspired by the Indonesian kitchen and I love implementing the rich and complex flavors.

I work as an engineer in research and development and study theoretical physics. This scientific background offers me the chance to look at making food with a scientific approach. I like to keep my cooking simple and approachable for everyone to learn. I imagine most people don’t have a massive amount of time and money to do groceries and cook everyday. So, I’d like to teach you how to still make great food without being a full time chef, break bank or spend hours in the kitchen!

I like to blog about making food as an experimental and creative exercise as I think a lot of recipes are just a boring step by step guide on how to assemble ingredients in a specific way to replicate whatever some recipe writer once created. This is nowhere near cooking to me and I would like to share my approach in this blog. So, instead of you learning how to follow a to-do list, my aim is to actually teach you how to create great food with the use of your fantastic imagination!

For this reason, my recipes have a basic guideline of the methods and ingredients I used. But the idea really is to explain to you why to use certain ingredients and methods, and give you freedom to follow my example or deviate from it (and why!). I like to write about the knowledge that is needed to make choices of your own, so that you actually learn how to cook, rather than to follow. I will try to emphasize this below the suggested ingredients list of every recipe, so you can simply skip that part and follow what I do if that is what you prefer. You might find some recipes which are more authentic, that don’t have too much freedom to experiment.

The main focus is to use spices to give great flavor to the recipes. This is just a cost efficient way to make great food, without needing specific ingredients that are obligatory for the recipe at hand! I like to work with what I can find and make great food, rather than relying on whatever is stated on the recipe. Now there are some absolute fundamentals that in my opinion are necessary to accomplish this freedom. But with the right equipment in your kitchen this will definitely not feel like a burden!

These fundamentals are based on my knowledge in science, I like to have somewhat of a scientific approach when it comes to cooking and I hope my writing does not get too technical. This is another reason why I would like to write this blog, I think a lot of discussions in the kitchen lack basic scientific knowledge!

I hope my approach in this blog is to your liking, enjoy and don’t be afraid to try.



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