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The Top 5 Easiest Sambals to Make at Home

Welcome to the 100th post on my website! Today I will give you a top 5 list of the easiest sambals to make at home, one of the main focuses of

The easiest sambals to make are fresh, raw, sambals as they don’t require any cooking. They can definitely bemade within 5 minutes. As they aren’t cooked and mainly consist of ground chillies, they can be very spicy so be careful inhaling fumes or eating too much at once!

What is sambal?

To start, let’s recap on the definition of sambal:

Sambal is a spicy paste or sauce originating from Southeast Asia that adds a lot of spicy flavors to any dish. Usually made with a unique blend of chili peppers, garlic, and other savory ingredients, sambal is the perfect balance of heat and tanginess.

There are a lot of varieties, mostly originating from Indonesia and Malaysia. As of writing this article, I have about 50 recipes which can be found on this site!

Traditionally, sambal is added to food directly when cooking, or served on the side of rice dishes, curries, meats, fish, vegetables and many more. You can also find sambals that are a side dish or a complete meal on it’s own!

The most basic sambals aren’t hard to make at all; usually there are chopped or ground ingredients that can be freshly added to a dish. Use a food grinder or authentic mortar and pestle to grind the ingredients!

Let’s provide you with and overview of the easiest sambal recipes found on this site, I’ve chosen the list based on simplicity of ingredients, time it takes to make it and amount of ingredients. Enjoy!

1. Sambal Oelek

Possibly the most famous sambal known and consumed worldwide. This sambal is extremely easy and quickly made and only consists of 3 ingredients; chillies, lime juice and salt. And of course, leave out the lime juice and or salt if you must. This is just to recreate an authentic recipe.

This sambal is quite spicy, I use larger red chillies which are ok in heat but because you eat them pretty much raw makes it quite spicy!

You will need a foodprocessor or mortar and pestle for this one. Alternatively, you can consider chopping the chillies very finely as well.

2. Sambal Rawit

Very similar to sambal oelek, this sambal uses cabe rawits specifically. The way it’s made is exactly the same as sambal oelek, you just need some salt and sunflower oil to go with the cabe rawits. Extremely simple!

This sambal is very spicy! Cabe rawit is a very spicy chili and as you are eating them raw, watch out!

sambal rawit

Again, you will need a food processor or mortar and pestle. Definitely have one or both in your kitchen!

3. Sambal Timun

Another super easy recipe, just grate some cucumber and chop a chili or 2. This is a 2 ingredient sambal that uses very common ingredients as well. Additionally, you don’t need a foodprocessor!

The taste is more mild than the previous sambals, due to the cucumber. Try it out if you want to start slow!

sambal timun

4. Sambal Cuka

One of my absolute favorites! Sambal cuka requires a bit more ingredients but is also very easy to make using a food processor. It uses quite some vinegar and sugar which hides a bit the spicy flavors, making it an overal spicy sambal but not as much as the top 2. I highly recommend this one!

sambal cuka

5. Sambal Tumis

I just wanted to add a sambal that is actually fried, and sambal tumis must be the easiest one! It’s basically sambal oelek, but fried shortly. Very easy to make, however it does require some cleaning the pans you used for cooking. Similar spice level to sambal oelek, using large red chillies as it’s base.

sambal tumis

And that’s already it! Try out making sambal yourself and let me know in the comments what you think! I hope you enjoy.

I just wanted to overview the sambals that just didn’t make the list, but are still very easy to make!

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