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The Top 5 Spiciest Sambals to Make at Home

Welcome back to another spicy sambals list! Today I will be reviewing the most spicy sambals I’ve made on this site. I hope it helps for anyone looking for the spiciest sambals to make at home. Let’s get started!

The spiciest sambals are made using lot’s of chillies and little to no other ingredients. You want to have a high amount of capsaicin per bite to experience the most spicy sambals! Choose the most extreme chillies if you want to go crazy!

I recently posted another sambal list consisting of the easiest to make, I started with an overview on what is sambal. Read about it here if you’re interested.

What makes spicy food spicy?

As I just wrote, it’s capsaicin you want to have in your food to experience spicy flavors. This chemical is the component that gives you the burning feeling on the tongue. It’s present in chillies and even paprika in small amounts.

It’s very simple, the higher the density of capsaicin in you food, the more spicy it will be. Different chili peppers have been given a rating on the typical density of capsaicin found, known as the Scoville scale. Keep this scale in mind when choosing what chillies to use in your next sambal making session!

I mainly use bird’s eye chillies or madame jeanette peppers for spicy sambals which are one of the most spicy commercially available chillies. You can order the bird’s eye chillies or similar peppers to the madame jeanette online. Just be careful! These chillies can be really potent.

Now you know where all this heat comes from, let’s get started with the spiciest sambals!

1. Sambal Rawit

Sambal rawit, named after cabe rawit, the Indonesian name for bird’s eye chillies. It consists only of chillies and can be made very easily, no cooking required! That’s why it’s also deserves a high place on the list of easiest sambals to make! Enjoy but at your own risk!

sambal rawit

2. Sambal Aceh

Another sambal that use bird’s eye chillies and little other ingredients. This cooked sambal includes garlic and is also very spicy! A little more of a defined sambal compared to the sambal rawit but also very easy to make. Be careful when trying this one out!

sambal aceh

3. Sambal Andaliman

This sambal is a little different than the other sambals on this list, or on this site for that matter. Sambal andaliman uses andaliman peppers to bring in the heat, a pepper similar to the well known black pepper.

It has a different spicy flavor than the one coming from bird’s eye chillies or similar. For me, the taste was a little intense and not what I am used to. If you’re up for an adventure, definitely try this one out!

sambal andaliman

4. Sambal Tuktuk

Another sambal that uses the andaliman peppers, this one is actually one of my favorites! I love the dried anchovy used in this one, I highly recommend it. Again, this is a very spicy and somewhat different flavor than usual, try it out but be careful!

sambal tuktuk

5. Sambal Geledek

Closing of the list with sambal geledek, another very tasty sambal that I highly enjoy. This one uses madame jeanette chillies which contains even more capsaicin than the bird’s eye chillies! The spicy flavors are quite diluted in this sambal, making it super nice in taste! Of course, you can easily make this the most spicy sambal but adding more madamae jeanette’s! Enjoy and be careful!

served sambal geledek

That concludes the list! I hope you enjoy making your own spicy sambals at home, let me know in the comments below what you think!

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