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How to Make Garlic Chili Oil

Welcome to another quick and easy recipe! Garlic chili oil is a must have in any kitchen. Use it to implement spiciness and other flavors while also making the structure of you dish more creamy!

To make garlic chili oil, simply fry some chili and garlic and save the oil for later!

I definitely recommend making your own garlic chili oil, as you can create a recipe especially to your liking and making sure you know what is inside! It will also save some money from store bought oils and is a lot more fun! If you like making your own (spicy) flavor supplements, be sure to also check out my recipe on chili powder and sambal badjak.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Collect the ingredients

chili garlic oil

Garlic Chili Oil

A must have in any kitchen, homemade garlic chili oil to spice up any recipe!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Spicy additive
Servings 300 ml


  • funnel
  • 1 coffee filter
  • storage bottle
  • optional syringe or soup spoon


  • 300 ml (sunflower) oil
  • 15~20 rawit chili peppers (~5cm)
  • 5 gloves garlic
  • 2 shallots
  • 1 tbsp smoked paprika powder
  • Optional dried chillies


  • Collect the ingredients
  • Cook the garlic chili oil
  • Conserve the garlic chili oil
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What to consider when choosing ingredients

In my opinion there is no restriction when it comes to making this garlic chili oil. Simply pick an oil and ingredients to your liking.

The mentioned olive oil is just a personal preference but any edible oil will do just fine. Also the amounts can be increased if you feel like making a lot of oil.

I’ve chosen this amount of red peppers as I personally enjoy spicy foods a lot, play around with the amount of peppers keeping the amount of oil in mind. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the chillies the higher the spice content so choose accordingly.

The optional dried chillies and 2 cloves of garlic are to leave in the oil without being cut or cooked, just to let it infuse in the oil over time and leave a nice visual effect to the oil.

I’ve decided to add some shallot because I really like this type of onion, it will give a little sweet sense to the oil. I would highly recommend it but leave it out if you don’t feel like it.

Also consider adding some other vegetable you might like, I would maybe try paprika or different type of onions in the future. I would also recommend trying different spices in the oil (literally, try anything!), just be sure to properly filter the oil before storing!

The smoked paprika powder gives a really nice smokey flavor and best of all, it gives a beautiful color to the oil! I wouldn’t skip on this effect but of course, try out your own creation.

Conserving the oil

The basic idea here is to simply cook the ingredients and spices so they release their flavor and color to the oil. After that we filter the oil and discard the rest. You could keep the cooked ingredients in the oil, there is however an increased risk in spoiling your creation and the flavors should in theory already be in the oil.

If you use the cooked or raw ingredients to stay in the oil, pieces of chili, garlic or shallot could stick to the side of your container and will not be protected by the oil as a consequence.

This will give bacteria and mold the chance to multiply and spoil the insides of the container. The pieces that do remain in the oil should stay unspoiled.

Step 2: Cook the garlic chili oil

To start, we simply clean and chop most of the chillies roughly, the same chopping size is used for the 5 gloves of garlic and shallot. I simply chopped the shallot in half rings and the garlic I crushed with my knife.

Heat up the oil in a cooking pan on high heat. Add a small piece of chilli to the oil and wait for bubbles to come of gently. The oil is now hot and the heat should be lowered to medium! Add all the chillies. Stir and let it simmer for about 5 minutes, keep stirring regularly. 

chopped ingredients
checking oil temp

After 5 minutes, add the rest of the ingredients. Be very careful when adding any dried spices, they are very vulnerable to burning. If the oil is too hot and the spices burn, the oil will be ruined! Make sure there is only a slight simmer in the oil before adding the spices.

Cook for another 5 minutes. The oil is done once the ingredients start to wrinkle extensively. At that point, turn off the heat and give the oil time to cool down to room temperature, this will take some 20-30 minutes. Don’t rush it.

cooking process
removing pieces

Step 3: Conserve the garlic chili oil

Take the dried chillies and puncture them a few times so oil can creep in. Peel the garlic and add both to the bottle. You want these chillies to be dried so they don’t spoil in the oil.

Find a way to filter the oil. I simply directly filter in the bottle I save the oil in. I reused an old oil bottle which already has a pouring mechanism so it can pour small portions.

First remove the large pieces of ingredients and place a funnel with a coffee filter in the bottle. Now carefully start pouring onto the coffee filter, the filter process will take some time so pour in little amounts at the time. Use a soup spoon or syringe if you have it.

The oil is now finished, the filtering process should make the end result look very nice, look at the color! Try this out yourself and let me know what you think!

The oil should stay good for a couple of weeks, depending on your process of making and storing it. Simply check this by looking at the oil, the oil becomes blurry when spoiled!

oil in hand

If you like this homemade oil, definitely check out how to make other spicy additives!

Please leave a rating you’ve made this garlic chili oil, enjoy.

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