Served fried sushi

How to Make Fried Sushi

This will be a short post on how to make fried sushi, use the sushi recipes I’ve posted earlier to make the sushi. Then follow the steps in this recipe to make them into a fried variant if you’d like. 

To make fried sushi, simply cover the sushi roll in panko breadcrumbs and fry them in in a cooking pan with hot oil!

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Choose the sushi type

In general, this will work with any sushi type. Pick any (or all) of my sushi recipes and roll them in the inside out variant. Just keep in mind the insides will cook so any sushi you make will not be raw, like usually done with salmon.

Find my recipes here:

In addition to the ingredients list of the above sushi recipes, make sure to add panko breadcrumbs!

Step 2: Fry the inside out sushi roll

Taking the uncut sushi roll and covering it with panko breadcrumbs. Thoroughly covering the roll on all sides.

inside out rolls
Covered sushi roll

Next, to fry the rolls. Take a cooking pan with a large enough surface to fit one or more sushi rolls. Heat a large amount of oil in the pan on high heat, add a piece of panko to check it’s temperature.

Once bubbles come from the panko piece, add the rolls and lower the heat to medium-low. The oil should be gently bubbling. Leave this for a couple of minutes and roll over. Repeat this proces until the sushi roll received a crunchy outside surface.

unfried sushi
fried sushi roll

Now remove the rolls from the pan onto a cutting board, use the sharpest knife you have and cut the sushi into 8 pieces, like explained in the sushi recipes mentioned above. Keep halving the rolls until you have 8 pieces, nicely displayed in this video.

Again, serve with some pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce to finish this wonderful dish. Serving your food in a visually appealing way is equally important as the taste! Try out this fried sushi and let me know what you think! Enjoy.

Fried sushi

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